What We Do

In early 2017, a group of Juneau-based Alaskans with passion for climate change advocacy came together to organize a local chapter of 350.org. Since then, we have been hard at work. 350Juneau has organized projects and campaigns that address solutions to mitigate the climate crisis. We are part on an international campaign to divest public funds from fossil fuels and to stop any funding of climate-wrecking corporations. Close to home in Alaska we support a fair and just transition to a post-carbon economy as well as stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure, Arctic and offshore drilling, and any proposed gas pipeline.

We educate about the climate crisis

Hosting multiple climate change experts and leaders for discussions, events, and rallies. Professionals such as Dr. Don Wuebbles, a University of Illinois atmospheric scientist who was a climate advisor to the Obama administration, Kelsey Skaggs, Executive Director of the Climate Defense Project, Daniel Grossman, award-winning climate journalist, and Rick Steiner, University of Alaska Professor and marine conservation specialist.

We pressure the State of Alaska

Presenting testimony at the Alaska Permanent Fund Trustee quarterly meetings and at the Alaska Retirement Management Board meetings arguing that all Alaska public funds urgently need to divest from fossil fuels to protect our investments from further financial loss. We support legislation that promotes renewable energy and a House Special Committee on Climate Change

We engage the community

Organizing well-attended climate emergency and divestment marches, including sponsoring weekly protests during the legislative session and picketing the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

We develop our skills

Attending on-line trainings with topics ranging from art activism to theories of social change. We have personally attended 350.org national trainings at the famed Highlander Institute in Tennessee with a year of monthly follow-up webinars

We act locally

Testifying numerous times in front of the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly advocating for climate change actions such as joining the American Mayors’ Climate Network and supporting the Juneau Renewable Energy Strategy.

We have fun with a message

Sponsoring film showings and music concerts and unique events such a reception for The Nation Magazine journalists and a classical music concert focusing on species extinction. We have performed at the Alaska Folk Festival as “The Carbon Footprints”, musically educating our audience on climate change, and we have even marched in Juneau’s 4th of July parade dressed as animals facing extinction

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