We’re calling on Costco to Do the Right Thing and drop Citi as its credit card partner if Citi doesn’t clean up its role in funding catastrophic climate change.

Here’s the text of the petition:

To: Costco CEO & Leadership

We, Costco members and members of the general public, are urging Costco to scale up its positive climate impact by addressing the climate impact of its relationship with Citi. We are deeply concerned about Costco’s relationship with its co-branded affiliate credit card provider, Citi, a major global source of financing for the fossil fuel industry. 

We need Costco to show climate leadership by taking the following steps:

  • Drop Citi: if Citi doesn’t align its climate policies with the Paris Agreement, Costco should drop its credit card relationship with Citi, announce this publicly, and find a better banking partner to do its business with. This is the best case scenario for Costco.
  • Make a plan to have better banking partners: Costco should include fossil-free finance criteria in its requirements for bank service providers, including credit cards.
  • Measure and disclose your banking emissions: In the same way that decarbonizing your supply chain is a critical part of your climate work, so is decarbonizing your finances. That starts by measuring and disclosing your financed emissions in your 2023 climate disclosures.

Costco has an opportunity to combat the climate crisis by addressing its relationship with Citi and its financed emissions. We, as Costco members and members of the general public, are deeply concerned about the climate emergency, and want to see Costco pursue banking relationships that align with the company’s values and climate policies. We are calling on Costco to live up to its motto and “do the right thing.”

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